Sukundú fest

It’s a collective festival which first edition will take place in Valencia, where artists from various fields will come together to communicate with us in our language of nomadism and connexion.
The gathering will happen on June 23rd & 24th in various locations of the borough El Cabanyal, on the beachside of Valencia and with a history of resistance and communitary actions that will teach us the first steps towards a community that never stops moving.
The daytime will see activities, workshops, collective actions and live acts; as night falls, we’ll be connecting with DJs and sound experimentations.
Sukundú Fest is an initiative with many voices, existing thanks to auto-administrated spaces and to the collaborative help of all the people forming part of this tribe of artistic creation, knowledge movements and sensorial experimentation.

We’re a platform for multidisciplinary artists working with sound, imagination, performances, collective actions, etc. around the idea of a fusion between ancestral origins and the globalized occidental world.

Brand development for the Sukundú fusion festival.