Qannik (Snowflake)



Qannik mom

Qannik Dreaming

Inuksuk before and after


Animation Project in progress
Character design: Valentina Romero.
3D compositing: Esteban Rivera

Based on a true story that happened in 1930, “Qannik” it´s a science fiction fairy tale animation story set in a Greenland Inuit village with a 9 year old Inuit girl as the protagonist.

Qannik is a girl tired of the always white snow. She thinks that in the snow nothing new ever happens.
In an unexpected day a new friend arrives. Suddenly all the kids from the village have also new friends.
The kids travel far away from the village each night with their new friends. Qannik leads this clandestine walk in the snow.
Each night the destination it´s a light that come from the sky. A light that night after night gets closer to Qannik´s village…